What a great summer allready! I’m enjoying every sunbeam and only sleep when it rains..

sonnendecke2 Lovely daysI’m blogging less frequent at the moment, but when I see drawings like these, I just can’t resist posting them. This one is from Ina Hattenhauer.

Enjoy your weekend!

I’ve painted our gardentable the color “Dotterbloem” by Flexa and suddenly I see yellow everywhere!  Like this nice Clipper tea-package design, for example. Name: Lemon & Ginger ‘infusion’.. great synonym for tea! Since the IKEA BRÅKIG collection, I serve my cups of infusion combined with saucer, just because it looks so nice..

infusion Organic infusion
On the blog of Clipper, I also found this inspirational quote, including 7 ways to make the everyday a little more special.

clipper Organic infusion

Lovely paintings by Lulie Wallace. Although the paintings vary in color and pattern, she manages to give them her unique style. I also like the way she (sometimes) paints the dotted shadows.

Lucie Wallace 81 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 15 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 14 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 13 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 12 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 11 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 10 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 9 Lulie Wallace

I made a poster of an older photo of Jens, which had enough space to add an inspirational quote.. (Nothing’s wrong with a little wandering from time to time!)

lets get lost Lets get lostThe wooden frame is from FermLiving.


Alissa en Nienke1 Alissa + Nienke

These beautiful ceramics are made by Dutch designers Alissa + Nienke. Having met at Design Academy Eindhoven, they joined forces by combining their expertise in material, color and having fun with experimenting.

It feels like being in a candystore..

You can see and buy their work at the exibition Meet the locals at LhGWR in The Hague, opening 18 January 2014, 4PM – 6PM.

foto 3 1024x1024 Lots of hapiness in 2014!

Because you can’t have enough of them, I bought myself this beautiful big handmade pillow from Hebben & Houden, made of old woolen blankets.  After one of her pillows was in the latest VTWonen, Esther has been very busy making new ones. She also customises pillows, so you can have your own new years whish on your couch soon!

I still love reading my favourite blogs, but for a while know I lost the urge to write and post myself. In 2014 I really want to post more frequent again, because it’s so nice to look through my own personal findings. I also want to be more creative again. Too little time was a bit a problem lately. (Too) soon, Jens will go to kindergarten so I weekly will have FOUR FREE HOURS! I’m already fantasizing about how to spent these hours..

While cleaning up my site, I found a very nice draft posting with forgotten pics from Hidde en Jens, playing in a labyrinth in August, this year. Such happy pictures! I can still hear their excited screams, while we searched for each other (and ran away again). Good reasons to still post this draft!

labyrinth 455x1024 Draft finding


It feels likes months ago, but it’s only two weeks ago we returned from France. I love glamping: enjoying the outside campinglife, but also staying in a beautiful big tent (it doesn’t deserve to be called a tent, it was more like a wooden villa). And most important: sleeping in a nice real bed. We were having the best of both worlds!

1IMG 0003 Glampinglife

1IMG 0058 Glampinglife1IMG 0150 Glampinglife

1IMG 0253 Glampinglife1IMG 0425 Glampinglife1IMG 0421 Glampinglife1IMG 0411 Glampinglife
1IMG 0382 bewerkt Glampinglife1IMG 0372 Glampinglife1IMG 0358 Glampinglife

1IMG 0091 Glampinglife1IMG 0083 Glampinglife1IMG 0408 Glampinglife1foto 31 Glampinglife

Gisteren kwamen we terug van een heerlijke vakantie. (Binnenkort meer foto’s..) Altijd fijn om zo’n grote stapel post aan te treffen bij thuiskomst. En ik had geluk.. mijn 3 favoriete magazines lagen op de mat: 101 Woonideeënvtwonen en.. de nieuwe IKEA catalogus! Genoeg te lezen dus vandaag. Maar nog het leukst van alles: ik ontving het geboortekaartje dat ik mocht ontwerpen voor onze nieuwe buurjongen Tijn! De kaarten werden precies gedrukt tijdens mijn vakantie, dus ik kon niet wachten om het resultaat te bekijken.


Yesterday, we came back from a lovely holiday. (Soon some pictures of those good times..) I think one of the nicest things about coming home is going through your mail! And I was lucky: three of my best magazine friends were waiting for me : 101 Woonideeën, vtwonen and.. the new IKEA catalogue!  And on top of it: I recieved the birthcard I designed for our new neighbour Tijn! The cards were printed during my holiday so I was so curious to see the result.

birthcard tijn Lovely mail after a lovely holidaybirthcard2 Lovely mail after a lovely holiday

Atelier Stella5 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella6 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella4 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella3 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella2 871x1024 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella1 1024x685 Atelier Stella
Vanavond ontving ik een mail van Atelier Stella. Ze zou haar nieuwe voorraad om 21.30 uur in haar winkel plaatsen. Vorige keer was haar werk binnen 1,5 uur uitverkocht. Ik was dus erg enthousiast om als 1 van de eersten haar nieuwe voorraad te kunnen bekijken..Maar ik zat er naast!
Haar 40 nieuwe stukken waren nu al binnen 15 minuten uitverkocht..


This evening I recieved a newsletter from Atelier Stella. She had new stock available from 21.30.  Last time, her pieces were sold out with in 1,5 hours after updating her shop. I was pretty excited I was going to be one of the first to see her new work.. but I was wrong!
Her 40 new pieces were sold out within 15 minutes!

Today we ate the last of the Pastéis de Belém I brought from Lisbon.. I bought these at the airport, expecting them to be terribly fake and disgusting. But they were so sweet & lovely! Soon I will try to make them myself.

pastéis de nata Pastéis de Belém

Little plate from Ninainvorm
pixel Pastéis de Belém