sonnendecke2 Lovely days

What a great summer allready! I’m enjoying every sunbeam and only sleep when it rains..

I’m blogging less frequent at the moment, but when I see drawings like these, I just can’t resist posting them. This one is from Ina Hattenhauer.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lovely paintings by Lulie Wallace. Although the paintings vary in color and pattern, she manages to give them her unique style. I also like the way she (sometimes) paints the dotted shadows.

Lucie Wallace 81 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 15 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 14 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 13 Lulie Wallace

Lucie Wallace 12 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 11 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 10 Lulie Wallace Lucie Wallace 9 Lulie Wallace

Furutanimichiko 2 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 7 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 5 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 4 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 1 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 16 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 15 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 14 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 13 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 12 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 11 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 10 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 9 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 8 Mitsuko FuruyaFurutanimichiko 6 Mitsuko Furuya

Illustrator Mitsuko Furuya (Furutanimichiko) makes small drawings of her every day live. I love her simple and quick style, although you can see she’s an experienced artist. Lots more on her blog.

 Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén

Klas Fahlén illustrations for Kate Spade porcelain serveware 5 Klas FahlénThis is so nice!  Two of my passions coming together: illustrations and ceramics. The simple, colorful drawings are from swedish (of course..)  illustrator Klas Fahlén.

I found the ceramics on Nordstrom. Unfortunately it’s too expensive to ship to the Netherlands..

ben shahn1 To shop, shop, shopWe vierden zoveel verjaardagen deze maand (waaronder die van mijzelf). En dan ook nog Sinterklaas morgen.. Het is voorlopig wel even genoeg. Ik ben weer toe aan een wat bescheidener levensstijl. Dus met Kerstmis, en al de dagen er tussenin, geef ik alleen mijn onvoorwaardelijke, niet te retourneren en GRATIS liefde weg!

Deze toepasselijke winkelwagentjes zijn van Ben Shahn. Gemaakt in 1957!  Tijdloos.

We celebrated a lot of birthdays this month and therefore I’ve bought (and recieved, because one of those birthdays was my own..) lots of presents. On top of it, tomorrow we also celebrate Saint Nicholas. And that will be it! I’m done with shopping for a while. I want to return to a more modest lifestyle again.. So for Christmas, and all the days in between, I will only give (and hopefully also recieve), unconditional, non-refundable love for FREE!

These for this topic suitable shoppingcarts, are from Ben Shahn. Made in 1957! I always love to discover such timeless beauty.

jack teagle Flamingo pinkfeathers Erin Johnson Flamingo pink
I love this flamingo print of Jack Teagle (The rest of his portfolio is quite different than this sweet print..). I’ve found out it’s difficult to find more beautiful flamingo illustrations. Most illustrators aren’t able to catch the shape of it’s odd body. And most important: a flamingo isn’t just pink, it’s flamingo pink!

The photo is from Erin Johnson

A selection of pages of the  illustrated story of  ’Sarah Henley” by Melissa Castrillon.
“It’s a wonderful true story about a woman in the late 19th century, set in Bristol. After her fiance left her, she was so distraught that she attempted to take her own life by jumping 200ft off the clifton suspension bridge. Miraculously her crinoline dress inflated like a parachute and she landed safely in the water below. She lived until she was 84.”

sarah1 Melissa Castrillonsarah7 Melissa Castrillon
sarah8 Melissa Castrillon
sarah9 Melissa Castrillon
MelissaCastrillon Melissa Castrillon

I always get very excited when I discover some original work I’ve never seen before. This time it’s fashion illustrator Tanya Ling. Choosing the prettiest paintings for my blog is like choosing candies in a candystore. But you can also view them all on her site.01370 TL il Tanya Ling
Tanya Ling6 Tanya LingTanya Ling7 Tanya LingTanya Ling5 Tanya LingTanya Ling4 Tanya LingTanya Ling3 Tanya LingTanya Ling2 Tanya LingTanya Ling1 Tanya Ling

And what about this cute cat?Tanya Ling Tanya Ling