These beautiful ceramics are made by Dutch designers Alissa + Nienke. Having met at Design Academy Eindhoven, they joined forces by combining their expertise in material, color and having fun with experimenting.

It feels like being in a candystore..

You can see and buy their work at the exibition Meet the locals at LhGWR in The Hague, opening 18 January 2014, 4PM – 6PM.

Alissa en Nienke1 Alissa + Nienke


Atelier Stella5 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella6 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella4 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella3 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella2 871x1024 Atelier StellaAtelier Stella1 1024x685 Atelier Stella
Vanavond ontving ik een mail van Atelier Stella. Ze zou haar nieuwe voorraad om 21.30 uur in haar winkel plaatsen. Vorige keer was haar werk binnen 1,5 uur uitverkocht. Ik was dus erg enthousiast om als 1 van de eersten haar nieuwe voorraad te kunnen bekijken..Maar ik zat er naast!
Haar 40 nieuwe stukken waren nu al binnen 15 minuten uitverkocht..


This evening I recieved a newsletter from Atelier Stella. She had new stock available from 21.30.  Last time, her pieces were sold out with in 1,5 hours after updating her shop. I was pretty excited I was going to be one of the first to see her new work.. but I was wrong!
Her 40 new pieces were sold out within 15 minutes!

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop “Painting ceramics” by artist José den Hartog, which was held on account of the  Handmade expositie in Museum Boymans.  Of course.. I was not satisfied by the result that day. The background was smudgy and too dark. The ‘delfst blue’ color looked purple and too light to see the drawing, which made it difficult to paint:

plate before1 Handmade

But how surprised I was to see the result after glazing and firing, a few weeks later! The colors turned out to be perfect with a sharp drawing on top of it. And of course.. looking closely I see a lot of flaws. It was so difficult to make straight lines with the thin pencil. (And I even missed a few lines, did you see them?) So, it’s not perfect, but hey, it’s handmade!

plate after Handmade
plate2 Handmade
plate1 Handmade

 Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén Klas Fahlén

Klas Fahlén illustrations for Kate Spade porcelain serveware 5 Klas FahlénThis is so nice!  Two of my passions coming together: illustrations and ceramics. The simple, colorful drawings are from swedish (of course..)  illustrator Klas Fahlén.

I found the ceramics on Nordstrom. Unfortunately it’s too expensive to ship to the Netherlands..

piilopaikka kaadin 1l Piilopaikka by Piia Keto


piilopaikka muki 04l toteemi Piilopaikka by Piia Keto

piilopaikka muki 04l metsa Piilopaikka by Piia Keto

piilopaikka kuppi 03l Piilopaikka by Piia Keto

I love the blog of Caroline Sleijffers: lillelykke. Every post is another: “Oh”, “Ah” and “Wow..! She ‘s able to pick up the latest trends or the original DIY ideas. Today I found these new beautiful ceramics via her blog! It looks like vintage Scandinavian ceramics, but it turns from the 2013 collection of Arabia. It deserves a place in my own digital cupboard as well!


This post doesn’t really fit with the concept of my blog: posting about the beautiful things around me. But, fair is fair, I also post about my creative excesses, and that just doesn’t go together with beauty all the time. So, here is the result of my baking failure of yesterday. This morning I immediately saw that the colors of the result were worse than the previous two times I experimented (see here and here). Worse! If only I saw a little bit of progression in this learningprocess, this would’t be problem. But, worse than last time.. Should I continue? Yes, I’m convinced it’s possible to get control over this simple old kiln I own. Next time I’m going to bake on a lower temparature and most important: not with my most beautiful piece of ceramic.

after firing 1 This post doesnt really fit with the concept of my blogafter firing 2 This post doesnt really fit with the concept of my blogafter firing 1 This post doesnt really fit with the concept of my blog

work in progress Leftover transfers
work in progress detail Leftover transfers

result Leftover transfers
I’ve decorated a dish with a lot of small pieces of  leftover transfers. These are the ‘before’ pictures. It’s in the kiln right now, so I will see the result tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

I’ve bought this beautiful cup & plate from the Danish illustrator Paul Høyrup for Nymolle on Etsy. I can’t find any other illustration of him (besides the ones of the same ceramics line), so that makes me even more curious about his work.

Paul Hoyrup2 Paul Høyrup
Paul Hoyrup Paul Høyrup

Last weekend Jens got ill, this weekend it´s my turn. Luckily, the kids are having a great time at their grandparents house, so we were able to sleep untill 10! Although I´m still having a terrible headache, I try to ´enjoy´ this free moment as well. Yesterday, I filled up the kiln and saw the results this morning. And just like earlier attempts, I like the bright colors of the ´before´ photo´s better. It seems every color fades away and turns into blue-grey. But apart from the comparing, they turned out quite nice.

If you do like blue and grey, and don´t mind a few minor flaws..I would love to make you happy with this bowl or plate! Leave a message this week (untill next sunday) with perhaps some tips or just which of the two you like best. Perhaps next monday it will be shipped to your adress!


illustrations on ceramics Giveaway (to make me feel better)illustrations on ceramics1 Giveaway (to make me feel better)

After:illustrations on ceramics after Giveaway (to make me feel better)illustrations on ceramics after1 Giveaway (to make me feel better)

I like the fact it´s still light when I´m cycling home from work. Spring is in the air, or am I being too optimistic now?

The tulips in my home also contribute to my good mood. And suddenly, from a different angle, (because it´s not really common for me to stand on the dinertable), I saw the ressemblance. Now I know where Björk-Forth got inspired by:

tulips1 Inspired by

Finally, after looking a lot at the beautiful ceramics of Nina van de Goor, I decided to buy one of her new plates. This time it was for my own good that I´ve waited so long with ordering. I happened to be the 500th buyer from her shop, and Nina decided to make something especially for me to celebrate this! Today I recieved my happy treehouse plate and present: an illustrated matching cup and saucer. Great, isn´t?!

Ninainvorm2 NinainvormNinainvorm NinainvormNinainvorm1 Ninainvorm