I see so many nice collages of travelpictures on blogs. For example the blog La Maison d´Anna G shows nice pics also in (black and white) of Sicile. I often think: `Why didn´t I take those pictures when I was on holiday?`. I started to look at my own travelpictures again and I realize I do have a lot of nice pictures, but I just looked at them in a different way. When I´m making a photobook of a journey, I guess for me it´s more important to keep the memory of what we´ve done (from day to day) alive. The result is ´a very ordinary´ vacationbook, very nice for insiders, but worth nothing to bore you with..
However, besides taking thousends of pics of my suntanned family, endless sunsets and rocky landscapes, I do have a few recurrent themes in my pictures, which you might like to see. I´ve spend a lot of precious vacationhours photographing the close-ups of tile walls, flaking paint on wood and old doors. Seems rather dull when I mention it like that.. but putting them together gives a very nice result!


tiles11 Close ups

Flaking paint on wood and old doors:
wood Close ups
These pictures are taken in Lissabon (Portugal), Ronda (Spain), Marrakech (Marocco), Skyros (Greece), Alghero (Sardine), Venice (Italy).

We’ve booked a trip to Istanbul, so the upcoming period (until June), I’m going to search for nice spots and information about the city. If you have some advice about small galleries, exhibitions or designshops we should go to, please let me know!

I like this vintage luggage label I found on creativeroots:

istanbul luggagelabel creativeroots.org  Istanbul

And of course.. someone has been collecting these items:

vintage luggage tags21 Istanbul