geboortjekaartje jip1 Geboortekaartje voor Jip!

geboortjekaartje jip Geboortekaartje voor Jip!

Gert-Jan en Ilse vroegen of ik het kaartje voor hun kindje wilde maken. Carte blanche, hoe geweldig, wat een eer!

Het was weer een mooi proces: zoeken, schetsen en veel veel weggooien. Maar opeens viel dan toch alles op zijn plek en werd het een heel persoonlijk kaartje. Want ja, Jip krijgt zeker een brilletje en wordt ook vast zo sportief en reislustig als haar ouders.. Prachtig dat we haar mogen gaan zien opgroeien!

Mocht je interesse hebben in een soortgelijk kaartje met je eigen persoonlijke items erin verwerkt, dan kan ik je zeker verder helpen!

I made a poster of an older photo of Jens, which had enough space to add an inspirational quote.. (Nothing’s wrong with a little wandering from time to time!)

The wooden frame is from FermLiving.

lets get lost Lets get lost





















Gisteren kwamen we terug van een heerlijke vakantie. (Binnenkort meer foto’s..) Altijd fijn om zo’n grote stapel post aan te treffen bij thuiskomst. En ik had geluk.. mijn 3 favoriete magazines lagen op de mat: 101 Woonideeënvtwonen en.. de nieuwe IKEA catalogus! Genoeg te lezen dus vandaag. Maar nog het leukst van alles: ik ontving het geboortekaartje dat ik mocht ontwerpen voor onze nieuwe buurjongen Tijn! De kaarten werden precies gedrukt tijdens mijn vakantie, dus ik kon niet wachten om het resultaat te bekijken.


Yesterday, we came back from a lovely holiday. (Soon some pictures of those good times..) I think one of the nicest things about coming home is going through your mail! And I was lucky: three of my best magazine friends were waiting for me : 101 Woonideeën, vtwonen and.. the new IKEA catalogue!  And on top of it: I recieved the birthcard I designed for our new neighbour Tijn! The cards were printed during my holiday so I was so curious to see the result.

birthcard tijn Lovely mail after a lovely holidaybirthcard2 Lovely mail after a lovely holiday

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop “Painting ceramics” by artist José den Hartog, which was held on account of the  Handmade expositie in Museum Boymans.  Of course.. I was not satisfied by the result that day. The background was smudgy and too dark. The ‘delfst blue’ color looked purple and too light to see the drawing, which made it difficult to paint:

plate before1 Handmade

But how surprised I was to see the result after glazing and firing, a few weeks later! The colors turned out to be perfect with a sharp drawing on top of it. And of course.. looking closely I see a lot of flaws. It was so difficult to make straight lines with the thin pencil. (And I even missed a few lines, did you see them?) So, it’s not perfect, but hey, it’s handmade!

plate after Handmade
plate2 Handmade
plate1 Handmade

pie origineel No big deal, really

About a year ago, I forgot to celebrate my first year of blogging. This year, I forgot to celebrate my second year! I guess you can say I’m not really good at remembering meaningfull dates. But also, I’m not very  impressed by achieving this milestone, because it didn’t cost me a lot of effort..

Although I’m less present online at the moment, I still love blogging and get so inspirered by reading all those other lovely blogs.  So to celebrate blogging in general, I’ve baked, made a very big pie (no big deal, really..) and I want to share it with all of my readers (thanks for following me..) and all the bloggers I love to read!


origineel fiets staand licht Comfort zone
I’m giving myself some illustration assignments in order to ‘step outside my comfort zone’. (Never thought I was going to use this phrase, but that’s because of those zones, I guess.)  First task: make a drawing with a person in it, because I always avoid drawing people. It’s time to get rid of that ridiculous habit of saying: “I can’t.”

I chose to draw myself in a funny situation last week: I was forced to ride on Jeroen’s way to small bike, while my own bike was broken. It felt like riding on a childrensbike, with my knees up in my neck. On top of it, it started raining when I was just halfway between home and work. I felt very unhappy, so far from my comfort zone.
Result of the assignment: I like the image and I’m thrilled I finally draw a human!  The bike is still a bit bigger than the one I had in mind. I still have to push myself a bit further out of that ‘zone’..

Another lesson learned: As I was coulouring the illustration, I was confronted with my boring choice of clothing: black coat, black tights, black shoes, black gloves, with a subtle darkgreen scarf. Without using my ‘artistic freedom’ the illustration would have looked like this:

origineel fiets staand Comfort zone

I really have  to do something about that choice of colour in real life! (Another comfort zone to challenge..) And I LOVE the orange shoes, where can I buy these?

quote Inspirational quoteLast sunday I met some very nice tweeters and bloggers at #meetthetweet, organised by RivkaNina en Ria. It was very refreshing to talk with all these enthusiastic creative people. We all seem to have the same problem:  lack of time. Why are there only 26  hours in a day? (And don’t tell me I’m wrong..) We all want to have a satisfying job, be creative in some way or another, have nice social live and perhaps also have a happy family. It’s possible to have it all, (especially if what you love is what you do), but it would be so much easier if I had 8 hours a day extra, sleep. Goodnight!

(We were asked to share our most inspirational quote. This one is mine)


pastel low1 Stamping away
After making these stamps, I scanned them and o… lots of possibilities pop up in my mind! But no time today..I’m going to meet some tweets (even though I don’t twitter..)

I’ve made stamps before, see here..


I decided to crochet a babyblanket for my pregnant friend. I started in spring 2012, so I would have plenty of time to finish the blanket in December. Then in October, she asked me to make the birthcard for her child. Of course! I felt so honoured to do so. But I warned her: there would be no time left to work on the blanket..

As always I loved the illustrating proces. I spend a lot of time experimenting with colors, layers, patterns and composition. I wanted it to be a personal card, so her cats Spike and Storm had to be in the design. I doodled and studied the cats. How to draw a totally black cat..?

spike strom Saar
Every week I looked at the design and changed elements. Luckily Saar was born precisely on the expected date, otherwise I would still be designing. This is the result:

design card SaarNow I can work on the blanket again! Hopefully it’s finished before summer..card Saar

From the wood we found in the dunes of Schoorl we made this Christmas tree.

DIY? Cut the branches in the right size. Put two nails on both sides of each branche. Knot them all toghether with some fishingline. And decorate!

Merry Christmas everyone!

tree DIY tree

Hidde praat al maanden over zijn aankomende verjaardag. Welke kinderen hij wil uitnodigen, wat hij wil eten, wat voor spelletjes er gespeeld gaan worden; hij heeft het allemaal op zijn radar. Gelukkig keurde hij de uitnodigingen die ik maakte voor zijn feestje goed..

Hidde is talking about his upcoming 5th birthday for a few months now. Which children have to be invited, what to eat, what to play, he’s taking care of everything.  Luckily the party invitation design I made, was accepted by him..

kaart hidde s Lets party pillowIk vond de vlaggetjes zo leuk. Ik vroeg me af hoe ze zouden staan op een, eens denken.. een kussen? Leuk! Dus vanaf nu: Let’s party met mijn nieuwe kussen die je kan kopen via Envelop!

I liked the garlands so much. I wondered how they would look on, let me think.., a pillow?  Nice! So, here’s: the Let’s party pillow! You can buy it in my Envelop shop, from now!

envelopcomp pillowcover front Lets party pillowparty515 Lets party pillow