Moebe lijst Moebe Moebe lijst 1 Moebe Moebe lijst 2 Moebe Moebe lijst 3 MoebeDeze ontzettend leuke wissellijst van het Deense ontwerpersduo Moebe zagen Jeroen en ik bij Strand West. Een paar weken later lag er thuis een cadeautje voor me klaar..lief! Direct bloemetjes gedroogd, dat was lang geleden. Ik denk wel 30 jaar.. Nog best een klus om de bloemetjes heel te houden.

Jeroen and I saw this beautiful frame of the Danish designers Moebe at Strand West. A few weeks later, he gave it to me as a gift! It’s been a long time since I’ve dried flowers. I think about 30 years.. Quite difficult to keep the delicate flowers in their original shape.

IMG 9586 682x1024 Cute dolls

Mijn moeder haakte de kleertjes van deze schattige poppetjes, zo’n 35 jaar geleden. Wat is het toch fijn dat ze nooit wat weggooit.. De foto is niet scherp, maar ik vind het eigenlijk wel mooi zo.

My mother crocheted the clothes of these cute dolls, about 35 years ago. So great she never throws away anything.. The photo isn’t sharp, but I like it this way.

I’ve painted our gardentable the color “Dotterbloem” by Flexa and suddenly I see yellow everywhere!  Like this nice Clipper tea-package design, for example. Name: Lemon & Ginger ‘infusion’.. great synonym for tea! Since the IKEA BRÅKIG collection, I serve my cups of infusion combined with saucer, just because it looks so nice..

infusion1 682x1024 Organic infusion
On the blog of Clipper, I also found this inspirational quote, including 7 ways to make the everyday a little more special.

clipper1 746x1024 Organic infusion

I still love reading my favourite blogs, but for a while know I lost the urge to write and post myself. In 2014 I really want to post more frequent again, because it’s so nice to look through my own personal findings. I also want to be more creative again. Too little time was a bit a problem lately. (Too) soon, Jens will go to kindergarten so I weekly will have FOUR FREE HOURS! I’m already fantasizing about how to spent these hours..

While cleaning up my site, I found a very nice draft posting with forgotten pics from Hidde en Jens, playing in a labyrinth in August, this year. Such happy pictures! I can still hear their excited screams, while we searched for each other (and ran away again). Good reasons to still post this draft!

labyrinth 455x1024 Draft finding


It feels likes months ago, but it’s only two weeks ago we returned from France. I love glamping: enjoying the outside campinglife, but also staying in a beautiful big tent (it doesn’t deserve to be called a tent, it was more like a wooden villa). And most important: sleeping in a nice real bed. We were having the best of both worlds!

1IMG 0003 Glampinglife

1IMG 0058 Glampinglife1IMG 0150 Glampinglife

1IMG 0253 Glampinglife1IMG 0425 Glampinglife1IMG 0421 Glampinglife1IMG 0411 Glampinglife
1IMG 0382 bewerkt Glampinglife1IMG 0372 Glampinglife1IMG 0358 Glampinglife

1IMG 0091 Glampinglife1IMG 0083 Glampinglife1IMG 0408 Glampinglife1foto 31 Glampinglife

Today we ate the last of the Pastéis de Belém I brought from Lisbon.. I bought these at the airport, expecting them to be terribly fake and disgusting. But they were so sweet & lovely! Soon I will try to make them myself.

pastéis de nata Pastéis de Belém

Little plate from Ninainvorm

tiles Azulejostiles 5 Azulejos
tiles2 Azulejostiles1 Azulejostiles3 Azulejos
tiles4 AzulejosThis week I was in Lisbon for 4 days. And because my visit was work related, I prepared myself for not being able to do a lot of sightseeing. We spend all days in (cold) conferencerooms. It was a very interesting and inspiring conference, but it was too bad there wasn’t hardly any time to just wander around the streets of this great city (especially by daylight..). I did manage to make some pictures of those great Portugese tiles, to add to my collection!

Already one weekend ago we spent 3 days in the beautiful home of good friends in Schoorl, near the sea.  It’s such a nice house, we didn’t mind the bad weather at all! Between the rainshowers we walked and played in the dunes. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong to have a walk on the beach. But I was amazed by the attitude of the boys. No crying about the wind, rain, cold or the sand in their eyes. Schoorl No crying?

Well, that didn’t last for long.. (So we waited for him to jump into the ‘boldercar’)

Lately I haven´t been blogging that much. In my free hours I was designing a birthcard for the baby of my good friend Joyce. It was so nice to do that and I feel a little bit lost after finishing this ´project´.  In a few weeks I will be able to post the design of this card. Other things that have kept me from blogging: working, birthdays, shopping presents, and watching great scandinavian crime series which make it impossible to watch tv and internet both on the same time, which normally is the case..

And, putting my favourite photo’s not only on this blog, but on our wall as wel, took quite some time. Working with photoshop is so much easier: just shuffle around to make the best composition! This is the selection of my favourite photo’s and art prints:

wall These things kept me busy latelywall all These things kept me busy latelywall sardines These things kept me busy latelyEtching of sardines from Andrea Letterie. A present I recieved from Artacasa.

photo Jens These things kept me busy latelyThe blue dotted linocut is from Stacy Rajab.

photo Hidde These things kept me busy latelykitchen art print These things kept me busy latelyKitchen art print from Anek on Etsy.

wall hidde These things kept me busy latelyAnd some free art from my own artist Hidde! (And he’s so proud to see it framed..)

Hidde praat al maanden over zijn aankomende verjaardag. Welke kinderen hij wil uitnodigen, wat hij wil eten, wat voor spelletjes er gespeeld gaan worden; hij heeft het allemaal op zijn radar. Gelukkig keurde hij de uitnodigingen die ik maakte voor zijn feestje goed..

Hidde is talking about his upcoming 5th birthday for a few months now. Which children have to be invited, what to eat, what to play, he’s taking care of everything.  Luckily the party invitation design I made, was accepted by him..

kaart hidde s Lets party pillowIk vond de vlaggetjes zo leuk. Ik vroeg me af hoe ze zouden staan op een, eens denken.. een kussen? Leuk! Dus vanaf nu: Let’s party met mijn nieuwe kussen die je kan kopen via Envelop!

I liked the garlands so much. I wondered how they would look on, let me think.., a pillow?  Nice! So, here’s: the Let’s party pillow! You can buy it in my Envelop shop, from now!

envelopcomp pillowcover front Lets party pillowparty515 Lets party pillow

must be an angel1 Must be an angel
Ik moest wel lachen om de engelachtige bewerking die ik vandaag van Jens maakte. Die vleugels staan hem goed! Maar dat wist ik ook wel..
Hoe lastig het soms ook is om een peuter in van 2,5 in toom te houden, zodra hij naar me lacht ben ik alles weer vergeten.. Kleine engel!

Today I made an angel image of Jens. Those wings seem to fit quite well! But I already knew that..
Sometimes handling a 2,5 year old toddler isn’t easy, but as soon as he smiles at me, I forget everything…My angel!

It started when I saw a beehive along the road in Chalkidiki, Greece. “Stop the car!” I had to make a picture.

IMG 2107

Short after the first, more followed. Every time I spotted new beehives, they were more beautiful and colourful. And every time the car had to be stopped immediately, so I could make pictures. Even the kids started spotting them for me. It became an obsession.

IMG 2537
IMG 2539 2528
IMG 2535
IMG 2685 2551

When I showed the photo’s to some greek people, they told me the greek name was kυψέλες (kipseli). They were surprised by their beauty as well. It seemed like they never looked at them the way this tourist did.

On the last day, my obsession reached it’s climax. We drove by some sort of a graveyard for kipseles! Lots of beautiful old boxes, all packed together. Happiness!

IMG 2721
IMG 2722
IMG 2727 2733

I fantasised about importing them to Holland. I was convinced that soon every Dutch household would be in desparate need of a kipseli: two boxes clicked on top of eachother, for magazines, toys or for whatever kind of storage purpose you can think of. Woonbeurs 2013 here I come!

Too bad I didn’t have time left to do business. And, I’m not the most impulsive type of person to end up with 200 kipseles without making a solid businessplan first. Back in Holland, daily routine is taking it’s turn and the idea’s are fading. But who knows who will dare to do it..