Today I visited the Etsy showroom, in the new creatives spot to be: In De Ruimte in Utrecht. A nice selection of Dutch Etsy shop owners showed their handmade goodies. All enthousiastic creatives who wanted to share and talk about their work. For them, it must have been nice to see and hear the reactions of the customers. For me, I didn´t bring enough money.. I´ve bought just a few nice items:
- Moustache stamp from De Krantenkapper.
- 3D cards with 3D glasses from De Krantenkapper
- DIY bracelet from Bint. At home, I checked Corines online shop and I found out she makes the beads herself. That makes it extra special!

Echt waar bazaar Dutch Etsy live!

If I could, I would have bought a lot more:
Twinklebird Dutch Etsy live!
Ring from Twinlkebird

nellianna Dutch Etsy live!Paper lampshade from Studio Snowpuppe.

kimslittlemonsters Dutch Etsy live!

It´s a shame! I didn´t buy any ceramic work from Kim Welling, yet..

HandmadeByMo Dutch Etsy live!

Hand crocheted pendant lamp by MadeByMo.

By the way, it´s still possible to see it yourself tomorrow!

Today we visited my parents in Amsterdam. When I´m in the neighbourhood I always try to take a look at Kitsch Kitchen. Such a great place! Lots of original ceramics, textile, toys and furniture. Their interior is also very refreshing. I especially liked the products from Koloni and Jansen+co. Next month´s my birthday. I have to make a wishlist..

kitsch kitchen11 Kitsch Kitchen

Yesterday, we went to van Dijk & Ko and Neef Louis in search for a tv-cabinet. We didn’t find one, but that didn’t matter, because it’s always nice to wander around the big halls with old (design) furniture. Hidde and Jens had a great time playing with old objects of which even I couldn’t always tell the function. The iron white chair, was the one thing I suddenly felt I had been searching for all of my life. Luckily Jeroen turned out to be in desperate need of it as well. Unfortunatelly it turned out to be a 1950s RUSSELL WOODARD collecters item, price: €650,-. I guess that is a real bargain.. but I decided to just take a picture to put on my blog instead.

van dijk Van Dijk en Ko & Neef Louis

Afterwards we wandered a little through Amsterdam North. It´s the part of Amsterdam known for not having the most beautiful neighbourhood. But it’s really upcoming and if you look a little bit further it has real nice area’s: new designed apartments and nice restaurants with superb views on the water. A mixture of new and old industrial architecture. I like the roughness of this area and yet you can feel the energy of the city nearby.

amsterdam north Van Dijk en Ko & Neef Louis