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Vanavond ontving ik een mail van Atelier Stella. Ze zou haar nieuwe voorraad om 21.30 uur in haar winkel plaatsen. Vorige keer was haar werk binnen 1,5 uur uitverkocht. Ik was dus erg enthousiast om als 1 van de eersten haar nieuwe voorraad te kunnen bekijken..Maar ik zat er naast!
Haar 40 nieuwe stukken waren nu al binnen 15 minuten uitverkocht..


This evening I recieved a newsletter from Atelier Stella. She had new stock available from 21.30.  Last time, her pieces were sold out with in 1,5 hours after updating her shop. I was pretty excited I was going to be one of the first to see her new work.. but I was wrong!
Her 40 new pieces were sold out within 15 minutes!

Today I visited the Etsy showroom, in the new creatives spot to be: In De Ruimte in Utrecht. A nice selection of Dutch Etsy shop owners showed their handmade goodies. All enthousiastic creatives who wanted to share and talk about their work. For them, it must have been nice to see and hear the reactions of the customers. For me, I didn´t bring enough money.. I´ve bought just a few nice items:
- Moustache stamp from De Krantenkapper.
- 3D cards with 3D glasses from De Krantenkapper
- DIY bracelet from Bint. At home, I checked Corines online shop and I found out she makes the beads herself. That makes it extra special!

Echt waar bazaar Dutch Etsy live!

If I could, I would have bought a lot more:
Twinklebird Dutch Etsy live!
Ring from Twinlkebird

nellianna Dutch Etsy live!Paper lampshade from Studio Snowpuppe.

kimslittlemonsters Dutch Etsy live!

It´s a shame! I didn´t buy any ceramic work from Kim Welling, yet..

HandmadeByMo Dutch Etsy live!

Hand crocheted pendant lamp by MadeByMo.

By the way, it´s still possible to see it yourself tomorrow!

Inspired by the beautiful blanket I´ve seen in the even more beautiful house of Diana van Ewijk (found via Bloesem), I´ve decided to make my own blanket.

ozowiezo blog Beautiful blanketsPhoto by Henny van Belkom

I´ve already started to try out some popcorn stitches, I love the wool I´ve worked with, and the pattern looks very nice.

popcorn Beautiful blankets

But, I´ve got some hesitations to start this ´project´:
- There are already two unfinshed blanket projects like this, hidden in one of my closets. In the end I wasn´t satisfied about the technique an the chosen material. What makes me certain I´m going to finish this one?
- To make a blanket the size of a bed, I have to crochet about 125 similar parts. 125, that´s a lot of hours doing the same thing.. Maybe a pillow would be nice?
- Besides the work I have to put in it, in total, it will cost me €150. And then I don´t really know what the final result will be. Maybe it will be of a poor B-quality?
- After a  little bit of searching, I found two other great patterns for blankets:

blanket1 Beautiful blanketsStyling by Susanna Vento via The Style Files

blanket11 Beautiful blanketsElegant granny style found on Purlbee

Now I´m already starting to have doubts about which pattern and colors I have to choose. Maybe I can combine the patterns? I´m going to think this one through..

- Finally: crocheting isn´t the only option to make a beautiful blanket. I´m also gathering all kinds of woven textiles to sow togheter. Like these examples from HKLiving and Mevr. de Vries:

blanket Beautiful blankets

Making it myself will be the most rewardable option, but it will take me some time to get there. But I commit myself to complete at least one blanket in 2012!



I hoped to discover all kinds of small unique art shops in Istanbul. I did find some, but most of the time they did not offer any of my interest. But I´m glad I found the gallery of ceramist Sadullah Çekmece.

gallery Sadullah ÇekmeceI immediately liked these ceremic bowls of ´paper boats´. Such a simple, recognizable design. You just have to think of it to make it! Unfortunately the shop was closed.  On our last day, we walked by again, but still the shop was closed. There would be no time to return, so a  photo was the only rememberence of this nice item. Or should I try one more time..? We did, (walked very fast) and the shop was open! I spoke with Sadullah Çekmece and he showed me his workingplace behind the shop. I was impressed by his huge oven.  I now realise, I should have made pictures of that..

So now, this little boat is sailing through our home, in search for a good anchor spot!

boat hat1 Sadullah Çekmece
Initiately, Hidde saw a paper hat in it, but very soon he realised a new boat for his dino´s would be a much better option.  I hope he will forget his ´new toy´ very soon!

boat Sadullah Çekmece


Who doesn’t like to look into the homes of someone else? They give so many nice idea’s for your own place. (But when am I going to take some action and use them,..?)

Making this painting seems so easy, but I guess if I made it myself I couldn’t see it as a serious painting anymore. Therefore I would easily pay a lot to have this one in my room. Or is this just the definition of ‘art’?)

6a00d83451e8d469e20133ed6ebac2970b 500wi InsightsThe Home of Bookhou

Also very nice:

2 InsightsThe Home of Eline Pellinkhof

Both items are from the Bloesem blog.