I ended my last post with the negative phrase: “And I´ll probably never find it again.” But only one day later I did find the flags/pennants and even a much better version! (These, I´ve would have bought immediately, without a doubt.) I guess it´s a typical American attribute, I´ve never seen it in the Netherlands. I now realise I must have seen them before in for example American movies, but somehow I didn´t notice them. I like the vintage look, the original screenprintings, the typical fonts and the fact that it´s made of felt.pennant Found it!

Can anyone tell me how to get rid off the urge of wanting to buy nice things immediately? Why can´t I just  look at the photo´s ones in a while?
, the seller of these items also makes her own pennants and has a very creative blog!

Who doesn’t like to look into the homes of someone else? They give so many nice idea’s for your own place. (But when am I going to take some action and use them,..?)

Making this painting seems so easy, but I guess if I made it myself I couldn’t see it as a serious painting anymore. Therefore I would easily pay a lot to have this one in my room. Or is this just the definition of ‘art’?)

6a00d83451e8d469e20133ed6ebac2970b 500wi InsightsThe Home of Bookhou

Also very nice:

2 InsightsThe Home of Eline Pellinkhof

Both items are from the Bloesem blog.

Nina in vorm4 Nina in vormI  ´m following a lot of blogs, but most of the time it´s just scanning the text, looking at the pictures and clicking trough to other sites. But there’s one blog I´m following closely: Nina´s blog has been very inspiring to me. She is very talented and creative. Her style of writing is very open and it´s so nice to recognise her thoughts and comments. I love her screenprints on ceramics and last year I decided to learn it myself. . and now my respect for her work is even bigger! I´ve already followed a screenprinting course and some ceramic transfer workshops. The screenprinting workshop gave the best results, but it´s a very time consuming  technique. At this point in my live (combining 2 kids with a busy job), it’s an impossibe craft.. Despite of the color limitations it brings, I´m going to make the best with digital transfers. Today I’ve even bought my own ceramics oven! I haven´t got a clue how it works yet.., but I´m thrilled to figure it out!