Inspired by the beautiful blanket I´ve seen in the even more beautiful house of Diana van Ewijk (found via Bloesem), I´ve decided to make my own blanket.

ozowiezo blog Beautiful blanketsPhoto by Henny van Belkom

I´ve already started to try out some popcorn stitches, I love the wool I´ve worked with, and the pattern looks very nice.

popcorn Beautiful blankets

But, I´ve got some hesitations to start this ´project´:
- There are already two unfinshed blanket projects like this, hidden in one of my closets. In the end I wasn´t satisfied about the technique an the chosen material. What makes me certain I´m going to finish this one?
- To make a blanket the size of a bed, I have to crochet about 125 similar parts. 125, that´s a lot of hours doing the same thing.. Maybe a pillow would be nice?
- Besides the work I have to put in it, in total, it will cost me €150. And then I don´t really know what the final result will be. Maybe it will be of a poor B-quality?
- After a  little bit of searching, I found two other great patterns for blankets:

blanket1 Beautiful blanketsStyling by Susanna Vento via The Style Files

blanket11 Beautiful blanketsElegant granny style found on Purlbee

Now I´m already starting to have doubts about which pattern and colors I have to choose. Maybe I can combine the patterns? I´m going to think this one through..

- Finally: crocheting isn´t the only option to make a beautiful blanket. I´m also gathering all kinds of woven textiles to sow togheter. Like these examples from HKLiving and Mevr. de Vries:

blanket Beautiful blankets

Making it myself will be the most rewardable option, but it will take me some time to get there. But I commit myself to complete at least one blanket in 2012!



Jens got a haircut this weekend and he was very pleased with it. He even took the time to pose for me!
As happy as he looks here, only one day later he´s quite the opposite. It´s his turn to have a cold and a fever. I´m going to bed early, I think  it´s going to be a short night..

jens jeroen Good pose

I like the fact it´s still light when I´m cycling home from work. Spring is in the air, or am I being too optimistic now?

The tulips in my home also contribute to my good mood. And suddenly, from a different angle, (because it´s not really common for me to stand on the dinertable), I saw the ressemblance. Now I know where Björk-Forth got inspired by:

tulips1 Inspired by

This is the view from Hiddes bed. This is the light we have to leave on when Hidde is going to sleep. For almost two years now, it´s the last thing he sees before he closes his eyes. (And for just two weeks now, we´re NOT sitting in the chair besides it anymore!)
Maybe this lamp is going to be in his memory when he thinks back on his youth. (I still remember the colors of my room, the funny face shapes in the curtains and the small orange powerpoint light.)

I´ve made the lamp myself , although it´s the nice idea of Zoet vormgeving.

lamp View from Hiddes bed

Today I joined Kim Wellings workshop: Making stamps and paper printing. We stamped away for a few hours. Beautiful wrapping pappers were created:

workshop Making stamps and paper printingAnd me? I lost myself in cutting, cutting, trying out different patterns, different colors and cutting. I just couldn´t decide. In the end I didn´t have time to make a final paper, so I don´t have a nice usable result. But, it gave me lots of idea´s to try out later. I´m just not finished yet..

workshop2 Making stamps and paper printing