Lately I haven´t been blogging that much. In my free hours I was designing a birthcard for the baby of my good friend Joyce. It was so nice to do that and I feel a little bit lost after finishing this ´project´.  In a few weeks I will be able to post the design of this card. Other things that have kept me from blogging: working, birthdays, shopping presents, and watching great scandinavian crime series which make it impossible to watch tv and internet both on the same time, which normally is the case..

And, putting my favourite photo’s not only on this blog, but on our wall as wel, took quite some time. Working with photoshop is so much easier: just shuffle around to make the best composition! This is the selection of my favourite photo’s and art prints:

wall These things kept me busy latelywall all These things kept me busy latelywall sardines These things kept me busy latelyEtching of sardines from Andrea Letterie. A present I recieved from Artacasa.

photo Jens These things kept me busy latelyThe blue dotted linocut is from Stacy Rajab.

photo Hidde These things kept me busy latelykitchen art print These things kept me busy latelyKitchen art print from Anek on Etsy.

wall hidde These things kept me busy latelyAnd some free art from my own artist Hidde! (And he’s so proud to see it framed..)

4 Responses to These things kept me busy lately

  1. Iris Vank says:

    Soms is bloggen dat waar je je lol energie uithaalt en soms niet. Fijn om weer een bericht van je te zien en nog fijner dat je leuke creatieve dingen hebt gedaan de afgelopen tijd. :) Ik kijk uit naar het kaartje!

  2. Ria. says:

    Een door jou ontworpen geboortekaartje, wat leuk Carly! Ben heel benieuwd natuurlijk :)

  3. prentje says:

    Oh, geweldig, ben benieuwd naar het kaartje! Wat een eer!

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