quote Inspirational quoteLast sunday I met some very nice tweeters and bloggers at #meetthetweet, organised by RivkaNina en Ria. It was very refreshing to talk with all these enthusiastic creative people. We all seem to have the same problem:  lack of time. Why are there only 26  hours in a day? (And don’t tell me I’m wrong..) We all want to have a satisfying job, be creative in some way or another, have nice social live and perhaps also have a happy family. It’s possible to have it all, (especially if what you love is what you do), but it would be so much easier if I had 8 hours a day extra, ..to sleep. Goodnight!

(We were asked to share our most inspirational quote. This one is mine)


One Response to Inspirational quote

  1. Ria says:

    Echt, zoooo jammer dat ik er niet kon zijn… :-(
    Hopelijk spreken we elkaar binnenkort nog eens!

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