It feels likes months ago, but it’s only two weeks ago we returned from France. I love glamping: enjoying the outside campinglife, but also staying in a beautiful big tent (it doesn’t deserve to be called a tent, it was more like a wooden villa). And most important: sleeping in a nice real bed. We were having the best of both worlds!

1IMG 0003 Glampinglife

1IMG 0058 Glampinglife1IMG 0150 Glampinglife

1IMG 0253 Glampinglife1IMG 0425 Glampinglife1IMG 0421 Glampinglife1IMG 0411 Glampinglife
1IMG 0382 bewerkt Glampinglife1IMG 0372 Glampinglife1IMG 0358 Glampinglife

1IMG 0091 Glampinglife1IMG 0083 Glampinglife1IMG 0408 Glampinglife1foto 31 Glampinglife

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