I still love reading my favourite blogs, but for a while know I lost the urge to write and post myself. In 2014 I really want to post more frequent again, because it’s so nice to look through my own personal findings. I also want to be more creative again. Too little time was a bit a problem lately. (Too) soon, Jens will go to kindergarten so I weekly will have FOUR FREE HOURS! I’m already fantasizing about how to spent these hours..

While cleaning up my site, I found a very nice draft posting with forgotten pics from Hidde en Jens, playing in a labyrinth in August, this year. Such happy pictures! I can still hear their excited screams, while we searched for each other (and ran away again). Good reasons to still post this draft!

labyrinth 455x1024 Draft finding


One Response to Draft finding

  1. Ellen says:

    Welkom terug!
    Verheug me erop je weer te mogen lezen.
    Zelfde voornemens hier :).

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