It was a lovely queensday. We wandered through town, all dressed in orange of course. I didn´t buy that much at the fleamarket, but I´m happy with the nice embroidered pillow I´ve found! It was dirty, I washed it immediately. The bad thing is, it shrunk. So now I´m going to make just a small pillow.. The good thing is, the lightbrown thread in the middle turned out to be white, much nicer than before! I like both sides of the embroidery, and I wonder which side to use. The back looks a little bit more raw and takes of a little of the corny character. I´m going to think this one over.., hopefully I´m going to make a decision, so this piece won´t end up at the fleamarket next year.

borduursel Queensdayborduursel1 Queensday

But why make a simple pillow from it? In a lunchroom I stumbled across these nice
wooden tree stools. They are from the Dutch company Afgezaagd en Stoffig (something like: Sawn and Dusty). They also make very nice lamps in the same style.

afgezaagd Queensday

2 Responses to Queensday

  1. kim welling says:

    Leuk Carli! Zal ik een boompje voor je omzagen? ;)

    • Carly says:

      Dank voor het aanbod, maar wacht daar nog maar even mee. Het zou zo kunnen dat ik er morgen weer andere plannen mee heb. Erg vervelende eigenschap..

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