I like the fact it´s still light when I´m cycling home from work. Spring is in the air, or am I being too optimistic now?

The tulips in my home also contribute to my good mood. And suddenly, from a different angle, (because it´s not really common for me to stand on the dinertable), I saw the ressemblance. Now I know where Björk-Forth got inspired by:

tulips1 Inspired by

Because I still don´t trust my skills on my kiln, I continue making ´before´and ´after´ pictures of the items I make. This time the one with the name on it, didn´t survive the kiln. The transfers curled up, like the surface didn´t wanted to stick to it. Strange..  The other one with the heart, ended up real nice, although again, I like the colors before the fireing better. Maybe I have to stop comparing, but I can´t stand I´m not in control here..

Before:Ceramic illustration1 No control

After:after No control´

I´ve booked succes experimenting with my kiln. It allready reached the max temperature (780 oC) within 4 hours, instead of the earlier ten hours! Now  it will be so much easier and fun to plan to fire some work. This is the result of the experiment. The colors look nice, but they are not what I´ve expected them to be. But it doesn´t matter, I´m glad I´m seeing some progress. The next items are firering today!

cup Experimenting

cup1 Experimenting cup2 Experimenting

Today we visited my parents in Amsterdam. When I´m in the neighbourhood I always try to take a look at Kitsch Kitchen. Such a great place! Lots of original ceramics, textile, toys and furniture. Their interior is also very refreshing. I especially liked the products from Koloni and Jansen+co. Next month´s my birthday. I have to make a wishlist..

kitsch kitchen11 Kitsch Kitchen

This weekend I worked on decorating two vintage plates. It had been a while since I followed the workshop. Again it was a very nice proces. Thinking about how to decorate, making, changing a few times and the hardest part: deciding when it´s finished.  I allready was very pleased with the results:

before The ´before´ pictures are betterI was going to use the kiln for the second time. The first time I carefully wrote down the temparatures after measuring almost every hour. It seemed it could hardly reach the max. temperature for firing the transfers; 780 oC within 10 hours.  But this was perfect for me, because this would reduce the risk of overheating and destroying my masterpieces.. How wrong was I. I only measured two times and everything went according schedule for 5 hours. So I figured I still had plenty of time to go to the playground with the kids, preparing and eating diner and doing the time-consuming bedrituals. When it was time to turn off the kiln, I checked the temperature again: it turned out to be 1011 oC! NONONONO (..and a lot of other words)! The kiln had to cool down, so this morning, I could finally check my loss:

after The ´before´ pictures are better

I know I really can learn a lot out of all of this, but not now. Maybe later.

Finally, after looking a lot at the beautiful ceramics of Nina van de Goor, I decided to buy one of her new plates. This time it was for my own good that I´ve waited so long with ordering. I happened to be the 500th buyer from her shop, and Nina decided to make something especially for me to celebrate this! Today I recieved my happy treehouse plate and present: an illustrated matching cup and saucer. Great, isn´t?!

Ninainvorm2 NinainvormNinainvorm NinainvormNinainvorm1 Ninainvorm

Today we´ve had a lovely day. We went to the Hippe Markt in the Griftpark in Utrecht. A fair with all kinds of creative shops. It was very nice to see all of these creative and enthusiastic people. I loved the work of artist / illustrator Julie Hendriks (Beerlala) and her colourfull paintings. I´m glad I´ve bought two small works of her, I can´t stop watching them. I´m going to show them soon, first I have to find a good spot for them in my home!

beerlala Hip day

I´ve finally met Kitty Kilian and we continued talking like the way we were emailing with each other for a while now. Her custom made portraits are so nice! I´ve posted earlier about her work here and here.stand Kitty Hip day

Hidde en Jens were sweet and waited patiently (most of the time..) while we were strolling along the stalls. We promised them to go the playground of the park afterwards and as always it was so much fun to see them playing. playgroundkopie Hip day

I hoped to discover all kinds of small unique art shops in Istanbul. I did find some, but most of the time they did not offer any of my interest. But I´m glad I found the gallery of ceramist Sadullah Çekmece.

gallery Sadullah ÇekmeceI immediately liked these ceremic bowls of ´paper boats´. Such a simple, recognizable design. You just have to think of it to make it! Unfortunately the shop was closed.  On our last day, we walked by again, but still the shop was closed. There would be no time to return, so a  photo was the only rememberence of this nice item. Or should I try one more time..? We did, (walked very fast) and the shop was open! I spoke with Sadullah Çekmece and he showed me his workingplace behind the shop. I was impressed by his huge oven.  I now realise, I should have made pictures of that..

So now, this little boat is sailing through our home, in search for a good anchor spot!

boat hat1 Sadullah Çekmece
Initiately, Hidde saw a paper hat in it, but very soon he realised a new boat for his dino´s would be a much better option.  I hope he will forget his ´new toy´ very soon!

boat Sadullah Çekmece


I´m having this idea to make an illustration of a sea, boats, fishes in a vintage cup.  I´m still not satisfied with the drawings and have to decide which colors to use. It´s fun to think about it, to rearrange and then start all over again, but I have to make it final! I just have to give myself a deadline, otherwise it stays just a cup with glued paper in it.

Posting about it and showing this work in progress makes it already a little more realistic. I will show the final results,  but be patient.

cups (Very slow) work in progress

I’ve got so many examples of illustrations on ceramics: it deserves its own category on my blog! But somehow I’m also affraid that by seeing all those nice examples together, my own original ideas will vanish.. For example: I also had in mind to make some illustrations with stars, but now I’ve seen this piece, it doesn’t seem original to do that anymore.  So I really have to find my way in being inspired by these artists, instead of letting them block my own creativity..

firering stars1 Too much inspiration leads to..?

Firering stars back 21 Too much inspiration leads to..?


Illustrations by Meyer Lavigne