I haven´t been to the Woonbeurs, but from what I´ve seen and read (here, here, here and here) it must have been an inspiring place. Next year I will go as well, but for now I´ve got some nice old designs to show. I´ve rediscovered the work of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. I still like the duct-taped Persian carpet he made in 2007. Such an original idea. The duct-tape is molted into the textile so it won´t come off. In 2009 Bertjan redesigned the colourfull couch into a more neutral chair; the Lazy bastard. That´s my kind of chair!

ductaped carpet Old designs still inspire

The current post of mamutopia, inspired me today in an unexpected way. Maartje posted about the cd of Eefje de Visser she was listening to. I was impressed by the design and illustrations of Eefjes website and her cd-booklet. It turned out to be the work of Iris Deppe. (The also beautiful typography and layout of Eefjes cd is from Larisa Wiegant.) Iris´ work shows a wide variety of projects she works on: websites, cd-booklets, postcards, illustrations for magazines and so on. I think it would be great if you can make beautiful things without the limitation of just one medium. Here are some nice picks, but there´s more interesting stuff to see on her website.

iris deppe2 Unexpected discovery

Then, looking through her portfolio, I discovered we had a mutual interest and that we´ve even met before! Iris also joined the workshop illustration on ceramics by Kim Welling, I attended a while ago. Back then, I liked the idea of the design she was going to make for here ceramics. She took a drawing from her childhood and transferred it into a design to put on her plates and bowls. I didn´t see the result of her work untill now. It looks so nice! Great that an old drawing can inspire like this! nostalgicceramics 1 kopie Unexpected discovery

I’m really excited about getting to know the work of Jacob de Graaf. A Dutch artist living and working in the UK. Because he had the tendency to start a project and not finish it, in March 2010 he set himself the task to create one portrait a day, for one year. In an interview with Amity on Etsy he explains it was a hard challenge. Next to doing his art, he worked four days a week, so sometimes he had to force himself to make a portrait. But the struggle with the deadline resulted in the nicest drawings. I like all the different techniques he experimented with: black lines and dots, Indian ink, watercolor painting. Most of the time he used just one color in his paintings. Also the lack of disturbing backgrounds, make the results very clear and simple. I’m not finished yet working myself through all the portraits, but here are some of my favourites:Jacob de Graaf1 Jacob de Graaf


Every day I´m enjoying this oilpainting we bought already 4 years ago (to celebrate our new home), at the gallery Artacasa in Amsterdam.
It´s from Elisabeth Jonkers. She makes mostly figurative, colourfull paintings. Once in a while I check out her site, to see if she made something new, but it’s rather quiet at the moment. Hopefully she is working on a nice collection.  She also makes custom portraits, which is a big wish on my (long) list!

jonkerskeuken Elisabeth Jonkers
elisabeth jonkerskopie Elisabeth Jonkers

And suddenly, after seeing the Non-random light (2007) by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot in the 101 woonideeën again, I think it´s time for a new light above our eating table. This one is so delicate and transparent, it would be a very nice choice.

nonrandom Timeless light

In search for other transparent lamps I found these from Mathieu Challières as well. What a good idea! It would make me smile all the time!lamp3 1024x631 Timeless light

It´s a design from 2009 and I´ve never seen it before. That makes me a little restless. There´s so much to discover.